• 01 Nov

    Visit Paris, Discover Africa: Cirkafrika Comes to Town

    From now until January 6, 2013, visitors to Paris will not only be able to enjoy the City of Light, they will also have the chance to discover an entirely different culture.

    In a circus spectacle called Cirkafrika, almost 50 artists and performers come together to present the cultures and traditions of a range of African countries. From Nambia to South Africa, from Congo to Ethiopia, spectators can enjoy a full program of dance, music, stunts and other special performances that pay tribute to these diverse regions.

    Cirkafrika presents both outrageous circus feats as well as traditional African ballet and orchestra music. Even those who have seen circuses before will want to experience the innovation and ingenuity of this African circus. Animals from the savanna are brought to life using giant puppets that take the form of wild beasts, reptiles and antelope.

    This is all presented through the charming story of a pilot named José who crash lands in unknown territory that we soon find out is Africa. At first frightened by his perceived notions of this mysterious land, José soon realizes that these cultures possess a strong sense of friendship and brotherhood, which he becomes a part of.

    For guests staying at one of the Sister Hôtels Champs-Elysées, Cirkafrika can be a great way to escape the chilly temperatures. This heartwarming story of a sun-filled land will melt away all notions of cold temperatures.

    Tickets can be reserved online, and prices vary depending on the seats that are selected. However, seats are available for 39 euros to 70 euros. The circus takes place at the legendary Cirque Phénix, which is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris.