• 13 Dec

    The Beautiful Dreams of Romantic Artist Félix Ziem

    From February 14 until August 4, 2013, the Petit Palais will be honoring a French romantic painter by the name of Félix Ziem. From his workshop in Montmartre, Ziem crafted a majestic world filled with exotic visions of faraway cities. The exhibition, entitled 'J'ai rêvé le beau' ('I dreamed beautifully'), displays the work of this grand traveler, who explored the scenery of countries across the globe in order to bring them to a European audience.

    Although Ziem is not extremely well known for his achievements, his paintings are universally acknowledged in the art world. Guests staying at one of the Sister Hôtels Champs-Elysées can therefore discover for themselves the beautiful scenes that Ziem brought to life in the 19th century.

    In the charming Montmartre neighborhood of Paris, Ziem's workshop was installed close to Picasso's, which placed him right in the middle of the highly artistic atmosphere that had invaded Montmartre during Picasso's time. Félix Ziem also liked to spend much of his time in the French city of Martigues, where there is now a museum dedicated exclusively to his work. For those who cannot make it to Martigues to get a glimpse of his impressive paintings, the Petit Palais will offer the chance to witness his one-of-a-kind artistic talent.

    Roughly 100 works are presented in the exhibit, including paintings, watercolors and drawings. The Petit Palais retraces the itinerary of this great artist who loved to dream about the scenery of Constantinople as much as the canals of Venice. Visitors to Paris can therefore voyage around the world thanks to the exhibition 'J'ai rêvé le beau.'