• 16 Mar

    Emperor Augustus Transforms Roman Art at the Grand Palais

    It takes a venue as immense and elegant as the Grand Palais to do justice to the legendary Roman emperor Augustus, who ruled from 27 BC until 14 AD. His leadership transformed Rome into an extravagant empire known for its sophistication and beauty. Therefore, with an exhibition entitled 'Moi, Auguste, Empereur de Rome,' the Grand Palais will illustrate the impact of the emperor's reign on the world of art and architecture at the time.

    Augustus engaged the greatest artists in order to create a beautiful city of marble. Many of the numerous statues that adorned Rome's public monuments even after the emperor's death will now be on display at the Grand Palais. Moreover, the exhibition provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of Romans during this epoch.

    The exhibition begins on March 19th and runs until July 13th, 2014. That gives guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées the chance to visit the exhibit during their spring or summer trips to Paris. The best part about visiting the Grand Palais is that the institution gives you access to vast cultural resources as well as the opportunity to admire its beautiful construction.

    'Me, Augustus, Emperor of Rome' is the result of a partnership between the Grand Palais and the Louvre Museum, celebrating the 2000-year anniversary of the Emperor's death. The Louvre has therefore contributed sculptures, furniture and other art pieces to be temporarily housed at the beautiful Parisian monument the Grand Palais. Frescos, silverware and a reproduction of a real Roman villa will also bring the exhibit to life. The exhibition was made possible through the participation of several Roman museums.