• 16 May

    Art Curators Step into the Spotlight at the Palais de Tokyo

    From June 21 until September 9, 2013, the Palais de Tokyo will be presenting some of the most talented art curators from across the globe, in an exhibition called 'Nouvelles Vagues' ('New Waves'). This exhibition will transform the contemporary art museum into a place where young curators can come to express themselves. What's more, the exhibition will also branch out into other art spaces all around the City of Light.

    With 'Nouvelles Vagues,' the Palais de Tokyo hopes to highlight the emergence of a new kind of art curator, who enjoys a particularly close relationship with the artist. Often working without the support of a gallery or museum, these new-wave curators are designing their own exhibitions that they take around the world. In this way, they can escape from the strict traditions and customs of the art milieu and the art market in order to create their own rules.

    These rebel curators work either alone or in teams to create temporary exhibits revolving around a specific idea, issue or vision. Usually this is done in close collaboration with the artists themselves, an act that has changed the role of the curator. Indeed, these curators are no longer simply interpreting the latest art movements. Instead, they are themselves participating in the invention of new forms of art.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées should not miss the opportunity to witness the exciting evolution of the art curator. By visiting the exhibit 'Nouvelles Vagues,' they can see the creations of roughly 20 curators whose unique visions have led them to be chosen for this one-of-a-kind event.