• 28 Jul

    Willy Ronis at Jeu de Paume

    The Jeu de Paume is organizing an exhibition dedicated to the popular French photographer Willy Ronis and that will be until October 29th, 2017. Taking place at Chateau de Tours, the exhibition features filmed portraits of the photographer from his collections, which were donated to the French Republic, in 1983. Furthermore, tribute is paid to the artist by releasing some of his less known photographs to the public.

    Since he was a representative of the French humanist movement, Ronis’ best-known pieces were actually photos displaying everyday life and streets. His works are a representation of his own vision to life, a vision of a humanitarian artist who did his best to show the many facets of life to the whole world. 

    Numerous photographs showing ordinary people who he met in his many travels are on exhibition. 

    Whether you're staying at HOTEL ELYSEES REGENCIA, BASSANO, TILSITT ETOILE, TIVOLI, or ETOILE PARK HOTEL, consider attending this unparalleled show of the works of this creative artist.

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