• 27 Feb

    Vélasquez finally in Paris at Grand Palais

    Diego Velasquez, when it comes to arts and painting, this is a name that was influential not only in the Spanich art but in the painting scene worldwide.  

    Velasquez is arguably the most famous painter of the spanish golden age who have painted the king at the age of 24. This Spanish genius of painter born in Seville in 1599, is a baroque painter "par excellence" and is considered as one of the representatives of the masters of universal painting. His works include a number of masterpices that have influenced painters such as Manet and Picasso decades and even centuries after his death. 

    Among his impressive works, we can mainly cite "The Maids of Honor" (Las Meninas in Spanish) which was reworked by Picasso in a series of 58, and "L'infante Marie-Thérèse".

    Surprising as it may seem, no exhibition in France has never been devoted to the greatest painter of the Spanish school, Diego Velasquez. So, for the first time the Grand Palais will be hosting the works of Velasquez from March 25 until July 13, 2015? The exhibition will depict the variations in styles and subjects.

    While staying at the Sister Hotel, you might consider to add Velasquez exhibition to your "To Do List". 

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