• 20 Jul

    Tianzhuo Chen's very first exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo

    The Palais de Tokyo hosts for the very first time in France the solo exhibition of the chinese young artist Tianzhuo Chen, one of the most promising artists of his generation.

    Through a colorful grotesque imagery dominated by direct visual references to drugs, the queer hip-hop wave, the culture of the London rave, Japanese butoh, voguing in New York and fashion universe, the works of Chen Tianzhuo are intimately linked to the finding of a collapse of moral representations and beliefs. If the characters staged by Tianzhuo Chen are of a strange familiarity is that they reflect,in an exagerated way, our daily life invaded by images of celebrities of our time. Their actions, attitudes, and looks make up a new mythology, as they set themselves up as new belief systems, whose followers sometimes evolve blind worshipers.

    For his exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, Chen Tianzhuo designs a set of unpublished works, including a performance with the artist and dancer Beio and Parisian collective House of Drama. Combining painting, drawing, installation, video and performance, they integrate various religious symbols to iconographic elements from towns urban subcultures in a globalized youth.

    Guests staying at the Sister Hotels will be within a 5 minute drive from the Palais de Tokyo where they can assist this informative exhibition until 13, september,2015.