• 11 Apr

    Photographer Monty Knowles and His Other-Worldly Nymphs

    A trained and experienced architect, Monty Knowles knows a thing or two about how to bring spatial elements together in harmony. Furthermore, his life as a traveler and culture vulture has given him a unique vision of beauty that shines through as he crafts a career in photography.

    The artist's nymph-themed work combines both visual art and photography as Knowles uses body paint on models to create sublime visions that come from another world. Once painted, the models are then photographed by Knowles as well, capturing their beauty and his vision in one extraordinary shot. His unique work has garnered him attention from publications such as Nu Woman Magazine, Profiles 98 Magazine, the Nassau Tribune, Norway's Lofotposten and Bahamasair's inflight magazine.

    Knowles's nymph concept developed from an idea for a project involving body paint. Since then, Knowles has continued to refine his painting technique, inspired by the natural shape of the body. He sees this type of painting as a way to explore the variations of the human form, enhancing and accentuating it with different colors and shapes that nonetheless remain in harmony with the original canvas of the body.

    Marty Knowles recently conducted a photo shoot at the Tilsitt Etoile Hotel, which is part of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysees family. The shoot also included the Arc de Triomphe as a location, just moments away from the Tilsitt Etoile. So full of incredible art, architecture and culture, it is no wonder that Paris is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.