• 22 Jul

    Panorama by Eva Jospin’s at the Louvre Museum, Paris

    Until August 28, 2016, the world’s most renowned museum, the Louvre, will be holding Panorama, a contemporary architectural work of art by the famous French sculptor Eva Jospin.
    Exposed atop of the central fountain of the museum’s Cour Carrée, this amazing work has never been displayed, since it was created.
    This chef-d’oeuvre is actually a reminder of the traditional 18th-century panoramas such as Panorama of Constantinople by the French painter and panoramist, Pierre Prévost (1764–1823), which is today exhibited in the Louvre museum’s Department of Paintings.
    Made from wood and cardboard, which is a rarely used material in visual arts because of its fragility, the interior of Jospin’s Panorama reveals a keen sense of taste and creation. 
    The exterior is, in fact, not less fabulous, with bright mirror-polished steel façades reflecting the astonishing façades of the Louvre palace.
    The exhibition of Eva Jospin’s Panorama is organised by the Louvre in cooperation with Noirmontartproduction.
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    From April 12 to August 28, 2016

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