• 22 Jan

    The Museum Of Illusions In Paris : 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit it !

    Paris has a brand new museum that is sure to be a hit with visitors right across 2020. This isn’t about art or culture in a traditional sense. This is something new. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the Museum of Illusions in Paris.

    1- It is a truly unique experience in the city.

    This museum is the latest in a small chain of global institutions, with others in New York, Dubai, Toronto and Shanghai. Therefore, there really isn’t anything like this Europe, let alone Paris.

    2- The scale of the “tour” will keep you entertained for hours.

    There are 70 illusions across the museum in a multi-sensory tour with physical puzzles, optical illusions and holograms. The spaces and exhibits within rely on visitor participation, a sense of wonder and the willingness to question pre-conceived ideas of physics.

    3- The attention to detail on the optical illusions is impressive.

    Normally it is hyperbole to say that you “won’t believe your eyes” when visiting an interesting new show. Here this is literally the case as everything is designed to play tricks on your mind so you question what you are seeing.

    4- There is something here for all ages.

    Kids will love playing around with the props, young adults will find the place incredibly Instagram-friendly and even older adults will be left scratching their heads. Just be aware that there is a lot to take in on a grand scale, so could be over-stimulating for some people with sensory issues. Take it at your own pace and discover the secrets in your own way.

    5- You can be one of the first to experience this.

    The aptly named Musée de I’lllusion opened at the end of December so it isn’t even a month old. It is still fresh, new and exciting and you can say you were among the first to figure out the puzzles.

    In all honesty, this is a museum that you really need to see for yourself to understand precisely what is going on. Plan a trip to the museum for 2020 to impress your family and friends and to be amazed.


    Useful information 

    98 Rue Saint-Denis, 75001 Paris, France

    Sunday to Wednesday 10 AM–8 PM
    Thursday to Saturday 10 AM–10 PM

    +33 7 66 72 76 40

    Official Website: