• 02 May

    Mozza & Co Offers Gourmet Mozzarella at the Pont de l'Alma

    Mozza & Co is an innovative new concept in dining, revolving around a gourmet food truck that brings authentic Italian food to hungry Parisians on the go. Usually when you want food fast, you are stuck with the same boring options, but Mozza & Co is trying to change that.

    Those who are near the Pont de l'Alma and the Musée d'Orsay will find that Mozza & Co food trucks are ready to serve them Italian focaccia, salads, desserts and other specialties. Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées can check out the truck located near the Pont de l'Alma bridge on the left bank of the Seine — this location will be just a short distance away from their rooms.

    Mozza & Co is one of the newest additions to the Parisian street food scene, which has been gaining momentum lately. The Italian mobile eatery is the creation of two talented entrepreneurs named Arthur Gambard and Thibault Merendon. The duo wanted to put their own spin on the food truck idea by proposing quick yet gourmet Italian cuisine, with a special emphasis on mozzarella.

    Passersby can therefore feast on four varieties of mozzarella balls with a choice of various toppings, including pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, melon and grilled vegetables. With prices going from only €5 - 12, you could even try two.

    Potential diners can check out the truck's agenda at the Mozza & Co website. The food truck is not always present near the bridge, so those who want to try these tasty Italian treats should check the schedule before heading out. The owners have signed a three-year contract with the city of Paris, so hopefully Mozza & Co will be providing its delicious mozzarella for years to come.