• 21 Feb

    Land of Departure: An Exhibit Exploring the Human Psyche

    'Land of Departure' is an intriguing new exhibition by contemporary artist Angelika Markul. The Paris-based artist has been working to craft her vision for more than a decade, and she uses her talents to call out the darkness and light of human nature. 'Land of Departure' further explores this theme at the Palais de Tokyo from now until May 12, 2014. Using video, in-room installations as well as sculptures, Markul investigates the boundary between the calm and the storm within the human psyche.

    One of the recurring elements in Markul's work is her incorporation of nature. This is due to the importance of the environment for the survival and well-being of humankind. Moreover, Markul often seeks to discover the relationships between humanity, nature and technology, as the three have become hopelessly intertwined in our modern society.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées can take advantage of their proximity to the 16th arrondissement and visit the Palais de Tokyo during their trip to Paris. Markul's exhibition is one of several exhibitions taking place at the museum dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. In fact, the Palais de Tokyo is currently running an exhibition series entitled 'The State of the Sky.' The exhibition series pays tribute to the factors, both physical and metaphysical, that influence our current society.

    In this way, visitors can understand the cultural depth offered by one of the numerous museums situated within the City of Light.