• 18 Aug

    La Pierre Sacrée des Maori

    "La Pierre Sacrée des Maori" is an exhibition that gives you the opportunity to travel in time and space thousands of miles away to meet the indigenous people of New Zealand and their interesting culture by showcasing a selection of wonderful pieces made of jade stone or Pounamu as they call it.

    Taking place at Musée du Quai Branly Paris, the exhibition which opened on May 23, 2017, will continue until October 8, 2017.

    The first thing that will keep you mouth-opened is the diversity of the pieces exhibited at the museum. Each piece has a story to tell about the native people of New Zealand as well as their fascinating land and spiritual beliefs.

    If you are interested in discovering the richness of the Maori people’s culture and ready to enter their world of spirituality, then this exhibition is one of the exhibitions that you should not miss this year.

    200 rare taonga, or treasures, made of Jade stone, including a truly amazing collection of Hei tiki pendants are presented at the Quai Branly museum. So, what are you waiting for?