• 19 Mar

    How To Protect Yourself During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    The most common phrase on social media right now is simple: stay safe. But, what are the best ways to stay safe during the Coronavirus situation? There is no need to panic and take drastic action. We just need to remember some basic rules.

    How to protect yourself during the Covid-19 outbreak.

    The best thing that you can do is to continue with the WHO advice on hygiene and social distancing. It can be frustrating to act with such caution when you feel fine. However, you could be a carrier and put others at risk if you aren’t careful. That is why we need to wash our hands regularly. Do so whenever you have been in contact with someone or come home from heading out to the store or to check on relatives. Hand soap is more effective at killing the virus than hand sanitiser, although this is a great tool when out in public too. Wash them for at least 20 seconds.

    Social distancing can also be tough when your area isn’t on any strict lockdown. But, staying away from gatherings means that you don’t run the risk of passing on the germs. The one that stays away breaks the chain. You don’t want to catch the virus from a friend in a bar and pass it to an elderly or vulnerable relative.

    If you do find that you develop the symptoms – a dry cough and fever being the most common – call for medical guidance and enter self-isolation. Where possible, those that live with you should also self-isolate.

    Take action to protect everyone, not just yourself.

    It is always important to focus on your own health first – like the idea of putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others – but we are all in this together. Don’t do anything ill-advised because you think you will be fine if it will put yourself and others in danger. Play your part in fighting this appropriately for as long as this takes. If everyone helps to flatten that curve, the results might not be so bad in the long run.




    Dear Guests,

    Faced with the health crisis we are going through, your safety and that from our staff remains our highest priority.
    We have taken note of the measures announced by the government. Therefore all our hotels close their doors for a few weeks.
    We remain at your service by email (info@sister-hotels.com) to answer any questions or concerns you might have regarding your reservations.
    Take care of yourself and see you soon in our SISTERHOTELS !