• 22 Aug

    Delicious Dishes and Jazz Music at This Decadent Retro Spot

    Bœuf sur le Toit, a French phrase that means 'beef on the roof', is a restaurant situated at 34 rue du Colisée, within walking distance from Champs-Elysées and therefore from the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées. The restaurant has a rich and exciting history starting around the 1920s, when it became an important and joyful arena for the Parisian elite.

    During this time musicians, poets and other artists would gather here to sing, dance and have fun. Jazz was the preferred genre and many artists and musicians who introduced jazz would participate in improvised jazz concerts here. The restaurant has held true to its roots by playing joyful jazz music regularly, creating a warm ambiance for diners to enjoy.

    The decor of the restaurant also makes diners feel as if they have stepped back in time. Its modern take on art deco interior design infuses a retro spirit along with creating an exclusive feel. The restaurant premises are spacious, boasting five rooms and a total capacity of 550 guests. This allows the establishment to welcome a large number of patrons every night of the week.

    When it comes to the menu at Bœuf sur le Toit, diners can expect food that is of typical of the Parisian Right Bank style — both modern and original with fresh and seasonal ingredients. And there is a clear emphasis on fish and seafood. For example, the decadent starters include organic soft-boiled eggs, red tuna tartar, Smoked organic Irish salmon, fois gras and lobster. Moving on to the main course, patrons can have a taste of cod, sea bass, scallops, sole and salmon.

    With desserts such as creme brulee, chocolate lava cake and deconstructed lemon tart, diners can finish their meals on an indulgent note at Bœuf sur le Toit.