• 04 Jul

    A Taste of Authentic Italy at Samesa, by the Arc de Triomphe

    An Italian restaurant called Samesa was established in 2008 when three friends from Sardinia and Abruzzo decided to open up a restaurant in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. With a charming ambiance and authentic flavors, diners at Samesa will feel as if they have traveled to Italy when they step through the doors.

    The ingredients used at Samesa are sourced directly from Italy and put together to create refined and complex meals for patrons to enjoy. As a result, those who visit the restaurant can try genuine Italian dishes like malloreddus alla campidanese, fregola asuresa and sagne a pez.

    Chef Claudio Sammarone does his best to ensure every diner is satisfied, even going so far as to accomodate special requests. The restaurant is so in demand that reservations are absolutely recommended if you want to get a table here. Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées will find that Samesa is conveniently located just a few moments away from the Arc de Triomphe.

    With its stone walls and beige color scheme, the restaurant's decor is both warm and sophisticated. It is the ideal spot to try specialties from Rome such as carciofi alla giudea, a deep-fried artichoke dish. Otherwise, fresh pasta, Sicilian sea bass, steak, and roasted pork are sure to satisfy all tastes. For dessert, creme brulée and chocolate truffles are on hand. A lovely wine menu with both French and Italian wines gives diners a nice choice of beverages to accompany their meals.

    As a result, a night out at Samesa provides visitors to Paris with the perfect ocassion to try out real Italian cuisine prepared by natives of Italy without ever setting foot outside of the City of Light.