• 07 Feb

    5000 Years of Chinese Art Revealed by the Musée Guimet

    On March 26, 2014, the Musée Guimet will reveal 5000 years of creative history from China. Thanks to an exhibition entitled 'Sublime Materials — 5000 Years of Creation in China' ('Sublimes matières — À travers 5 000 ans de création en Chine'), visitors can journey through the rich history of a country known for its culture. Running until June 9, 2014, the exhibition retraces a century of Chinese art collection executed by the Musée Guimet, a museum specializing in Asian art.

    Founded in 1889, the museum has spent numerous decades enlarging and refining its impressive collection of Chinese art. What is exceptional about the collection of the Guimet Museum is that it encompasses a wide variety of materials, including silk, jade, bronze, lacquer, paper and porcelain.

    The exhibit is organized chronologically, allowing visitors to appreciate the complex evolution of Chinese culture, techniques and artistic styles. What's more, the exhibit illustrates the different trips made to China by the founder of the museum, Emile Guimet. Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées have the opportunity to easily visit the Musée Guimet, which is located close by at 6 Place d'Iena, between the Seine and Trocadero Square.

    In addition to sculpted works and works on paper, the exhibit will also display photographs from long ago missions to China. Journeys from 1907, 1909 and 1914 were all captured on film and now the museum has the honor of revealing the expeditions of a number of Westerners to the land of China.

    The Musée Guimet is open every day except Tuesday, with opening hours from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Adult tickets to see the temporary exhibition, along with the institution's permanent collection, cost €9.50.

    Musée Guimet
    6 place d'Iena, 75116 Paris