• 10 Feb

    Top Things to Do on Valentine's Day in Paris

    Paris is often labelled the ultimate city of love. There is, therefore, this grand expectation that this is the place to go for Valentine’s Day. There are lots of places across the city that can provide a wonderful experience for couples. Some are a little more traditional, while others offer something new for couples with different tastes. You don’t have to go up to Eiffel Tower and fight your way through newly-engaged couples. You also don’t have to put a padlock on the bridge – the poor bridge can’t take much more! Instead, you can find a date night that it romantic, unique or quirky across the city. 

    Parisian Valentine’s Day dates come in all shapes and sizes. 

    If you like the idea of a little culture during your Valentine’s Day date, there are plenty of shows in theatres across the city. You can treat your loved one to the best seat in the house at a heart-wrenching opera or embrace their love of the arts at a play. Many of Paris’ top restaurants will have a Valentine’s menu for the special day. Just make sure to book in advance for the best tables.

    Sometimes it is nice to just get away from other people and enjoy the sights and sounds of Paris. Or, perhaps you would like a little natural beauty during a romantic walk. Couples can stroll through the scenic streets of Paris, along the Seine or through one of the many gardens. The Jardin des Plantes offers a chance to see Thousands of Orchids. The Musee Rodin is opening its sculpture garden at night. Or, if you want a different perspective, there is always the option of a helicopter ride. The great thing about this city is that there really is something for all couples – however they choose to celebrate their love and relationship.

    There are many other romantic things to do around our Sister Hotels. Just be creative and make this Valentine's Day your best ever.