• 13 Mar

    Musée Grévin : The Waxwork Museum that You Should Absolutely Visit !

    The Grevin Waxwork museum in Paris has been closed for a while to undergo a major refurbishment. The curators didn’t just want to give some of the current models a little bit of a facelift and a clean – they wanted to overhaul the experience, add new characters and create something impressive. There is no doubt that they met this aim. 

    Visitors can interact with models and scenes at the Grevin like never before.

    The stars of the Musée Grévin now have even more time to shine within the new exhibition spaces. It used to be far too easy to inspect the craftsmanship of the sculpture, take a photo and move on to the next person. There was no greater sense of a theme or the personality of the model. The new interactive scenes place models and visitors into more realistic situations. This is especially helpful with some of the areas dedicated to French society and history. The curators now lead visitors on more of a journey of exploration. It is now possible to fight alongside Vercingetorix and engage in a parade with General de Gaulle. Elsewhere, children can interact with some of their favourite characters while teenagers live out their fantasies as a contestant on The Voice. There are so many areas to explore with so many themes. 

    Bring the whole family to see how the Grevin has transformed for 2019.

    This new children’s area is so important because it means that the newly renovated Musée Grévin really does have something for the whole family. This museum is a great place for families to spend the day exploring and learning. Kids can play with those fun characters, teens can head to the recording studio, parents will love the history and everyone can meet up on the red carpet. 



    Useful information


    Musée Grévin

    10 Boulevard Montmartre,

    75009 Paris, France

    Opening Hours:

    Every day from 10 am to 6 pm

    Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 7 pm