• 26 Jul

    Le Matignon: Sophisticated Dining Meets Trendy Nightclub

    Paris is a city known for its world-class restaurants and sophisticated cuisine. One restaurant that is helping the City of Light to preserve its classy culinary legacy is Le Matignon, located just off of the Champs-Elysée near the Grand Palais. It has an ambiance that glows with both elegance and urbanity. Touted as both a restaurant and a 'playground' by its owners Cyril Péret and Gilbert Costes, Le Matignon pulls off the feat of being subdued and brash all at the same time.

    Couples will find that this is the perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner, with dim lighting and lush fabrics. Groups of friends will also feel at home with the laid-back trendiness espoused by the restaurant -- an attitude that is perfectly encapsulated by the palm tree sprouting from the middle of the dining room.

    The food is of equally high quality, with fresh offerings that change according to the season. This summer, diners can expect sea bream carpaccio, steak with bearnaise sauce and grilled sole with green beans. Those who want to grab drinks and small plates can snack on some duck foie gras, smoked salmon, caviar, eggs Benedict, chicken nems, truffle ravioli and beef tartar. For dessert, cheese cake, chocolate cake, lemon-raspberry tart and berry sorbet — among other things — await you.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées can not only enjoy dinner at Le Matignon, they can also dance the night away at the establishment's night club, which is found underneath the restaurant. With a location close to their rooms, they won't even have to worry about staying out too late.