• 11 Jul

    Inside Opera : Solve the Mystery of the Phantom of the Opera

    The Phantom of the Opera is a story that continues to captivate audiences across the world. The timeless love story has gained many fans and a lot of them will love the chance to visit the Opera House where the story is set. Some will come here to see a show, while others will take a tour of the building. However, there is an alternative option for those that want a little more excitement and adventure.

    Inside Opera lets fans come to the Palais Garnier during selected weekends to solve the mystery of the Phantom and lift the curse. Groups of friends and families can book ahead to take part in this intense adventure of puzzle-solving and surprises. Those that stay cool and collected under pressure can escape the spooky theatre and save the day. Those that don’t may be doomed to walk the halls forever. Check the Inside Opera website for further details.




    Useful information 
    Date :
    From 9 June 2018 to 25 August 2019
    Location :
    Opéra de Paris – Palais Garnier,
    8 Rue Scribe,
    75009 Paris 9
    Tickets :
    Full rate: 28 €
    Children under 14 years old: 22 €
    Children under 4 years old: Free