• 11 Jun

    From “Umbrella Sky” in the Village Royal to “Bubble Sky” in Bercy Village

    Patricia Cunha is no stranger to bold, colourful installations. Anyone visiting Le Village Royal in Paris this year won’t have failed to notice all the beautiful umbrellas hanging over the street. These umbrellas have provided colour and joy for many months. Now she has moved onto another location at Cour St Emilion in Bercy Village. This time the streets will have a canopy of multicoloured balloons as a symbol of the summer fun to be had in the capital. This “Bubble Sky” will also be joined by a “Bubble Pool”, bringing visitors the chance to dive into more of these balloons.

    This interactive spectacle will be on show in Paris for the majority of the summer. This means plenty of chances to see the balloons and to let them add some more cheer to a busy season. They will go up on the 8th of June and stay there until the 31st of August.

    Access to the installation is free of charge.