• 01 Feb

    Yves Saint Laurent, 40 years of luxury

    A tear ran down your cheek when Yves Saint Laurent announced the termination of its haute-couture activities in 2002? Pierre Berger and YSL, the creators who legitimized the sailor’s jacket, pants as part of the woman’s suit, and puffed sleeves, were rightly inspired when, at the start of their luxury venture in 1962, they decided to collect all house drawings and sketches, along with their most prominent creations.

    Today, the Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation is something of a treasure chest to lovers of high fashion: 5,000 unique garments and 15,000 accessories await the visitor in a gorgeous townhouse, where upper-class ladies used to choose, fit and order their outfits.

    The foundation curates many exhibitions on and off-site - such as the 2010 retrospective at the Petit Palais - and can be rented for prestigious events. Best of all… it stands only steps away from your Hotel Regencia!