• 21 Jun

    The Naval Museum Shines a Light on a Time-Honored Tradition

    Since Ancient Egypt, lighthouses have played a surprising and remarkable role in history. Starting centuries ago, France has often been on the cutting edge of lighthouse technology, even at its humble beginnings when lighthouses were illuminated with fire. Because of the importance of lighthouses in the history of France — and the importance of France in the history of lighthouses — France's National Naval Museum in Paris (Musée de la Marine, Paris) is currently presenting an impressive exhibit entitled 'Lighthouses.'

    This exhibition starts with an air of mystery in the 17th century and takes visitors through a journey that leads them all the way to modern day. Along the way, they will discover the scientific principles that allow lighthouses to function and even participate in interactive light experiments. Visitors will also discover the different functions of lighthouses and how the structures achieve those functions. The exhibit also sheds light on the individuals and teams who man lighthouses and what everyday life in a lighthouse is like.

    The National Naval Museum is a large, open space that is well suited to this type of exhibition. The wide and darkened corridors lead visitors through different eras in time, providing documents, machinery, art and videos related to the lighthouses of the time. The exhibit is also child-friendly and includes a game that allows children to learn about navigation.

    'Lighthouses' reveals the history and technology behind these mythical structures, and guests staying at the Hotel Regencia can discover this exhibition until November 4, 2012.