• 21 Nov

    The Illuminated Garden of Eden Is Planted in Paris

    A beautiful garden has come to the 104, a cultural center located in the northern part of Paris. And now, guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées, have the opportunity to witness the spectacle with their own eyes.

    The garden being featured at the 104 is no ordinary garden. In fact, it is composed of hundreds of illuminated and sparkling flowers that jump out from within a completely darkened room. Bright blues, pinks, yellows, oranges and many other colors dance around in floral patterns as visitors of the exhibit, entitled Jardim do Eden (Garden of Eden, in Portuguese) walk through a winding path.

    Jardim do Eden was created by an artist named Vasconcelos, whose goal was to conceive a human work of art on Nature. For Vasconcelos, this 'man-made nature' translated into a phosphorescent Eden characterized by artificial plants that are forever living and visible.

    The exhibition runs from November 17, 2012 until March 17, 2013, so visitors coming to Paris have plenty of time to see the remarkable piece of art. The 104 is presenting the work of Vasconcelos in order to pay tribute to a rising star on the international art scene. After having already presented his work at the Palace of Versailles this past summer, the Portuguese artist has come to Paris to display his talent.

    This is the first time that Jardim do Eden has ever been seen, so visitors of the 104 will be taking part in something truly special. Vasconcelos has created a commentary on nature, society and the impacts that these things have on each other -- giving visitors the chance to truly reflect on this subject.