• 07 Mar

    The Counterculture, Cosmopolitan Spirit comes to the MAM in Paris

    The Musée d'Art Moderne -- or the MAM, as it is called by the initiated -- is a Parisian museum dedicated to modern art. Although it is less well known than the Centre Pompidou, it is definitely a must-see for any art fan. Guests of one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées are ideally located for a visit to the MAM, as the museum is found on the Avenue du Président Wilson, not too far away from where they are staying.

    From May 24 until August 18, 2013, this local modern museum will be welcoming an exhibition dedicated to an artist named Danh Vo. Born in Vietnam in 197,5 and living between Berlin and New York, this multicultural artist has made a name for himself in the contemporary art world.

    At the age of 4 years old, Dahn Vo left his native Vietnam with his family. The family left on a self-constructed boat in hopes of reaching the United States. However, put in danger by the open water, the family had to be rescued by a Danish cargo ship. From there, Dahn Vo would begin a journey that took him to many different countries, and as an adult he would create art that expressed how he was profoundly impacted by his immigrant status.

    Influenced by counterculture masters such as Andy Warhol as well as the punk movement and various films, Dahn Vo now creates art that mixes various forms of media -- and even furniture and other large pieces, with curious results. Previously exhibited all over the world in cities like Chicago, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, Dahn Vo truly represents the cosmopolitan spirit. His art reveals how various influences can come together to manifest themselves as something truly unique.