• 04 Oct

    The BNF Reveals a Lovely View and a New Digital Installation

    This Saturday, both visitors and inhabitants of Paris will have the chance to discover a space that is not very often open to the public. The Bibliothèque François Mitterrand, also known as the BNF, is a very large research library decorated with masterpieces from celebrated artists such as Garouste, Jean-Pierre Bertrand and Claude Viallat. Normally, those who are not conducting research are not allowed inside of the library to enjoy these works of art. However, during the Nuit Blanche all of Paris's cultural outlets open their doors for the entire night, and the BNF is no exception.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées can experience this unique night at France's national library, a center for the country's intellectual capital.

    This year, the 2012 Nuit Blanche is begin held on October 6th. To mark the occasion, the BNF is organizing a series of special events for visitors to enjoy. In addition to being able to discover 'Vertige du Corps' -- a photographic exhibit that has been on display since September 16th and will stay until November 18th, visitors can also explore the more mysterious sections of the library. For example, they can head to the 18th floor of the Tour des Lois (Tower of Laws), where they will have a great view of the Parisian cityscape.

    Visitors can also see a special premier of a digital fresco created by Joseph Kosuth, which reveals quotations from the philosopher Michel Foucault. This remarkable project will not be seen again until next year, when it will be installed on the facade of the library. Therefore, those who spend at least part of the Nuit Blanche at the BNF will join the ranks of the select few who get to see this creation in 2012 before its debut in 2013.