• 17 Feb

    The Alps in Paris!

    February is a cold, cold month in Paris. After a few hours outside the warm rooms of your Hotel Regencia, you are looking for shelter… Let us recommend perfectly unexpected Winter retreats in the very heart of Paris. You will not regret to have chosen the City of Light over snowy ski slopes!

    Those yearning to lay their eyes on a traditional wooden mountain home will be pleased to learn that Paris counts with one such little Alpine construction. Behind the picturesque (and oddly out of place) façade of la Brasserie du 16ème, hides one of the few Parisian restaurants to offer non-stop service until 11 pm. The menu has enough variety to make you dizzy – from traditional French cuisine to cheeseburgers and vegetarian dishes… That is, if you are not already dizzy from having to pick your chair among the many locations: in the front room, at the bar, upstairs in a cozy armchair or… on the heated terrace – another priceless rarity for a Parisian restaurant!

    Of all the culinary specialties that people a French person’s emotional realm, none is more closely associated with cozy Winter evenings than the fondue - this delicious blend of specialty cheeses and white wine in which you dip pieces of dry bread. Where do you find an authentic Savoy fondue in Paris? At Les Montagnards of course! The owner welcomes you in person and serves you a fine fondue in a homely atmosphere. We advise you to get hungry beforehand: the desserts are as much worthwhile as the main dishes. And if you were seduced by Savoy products, you can get your own supplies of artisanal ham and cheese from the restaurant!

    La Brasserie du 16ème, 63 rue de la Pompe, 75116 Paris – 01 45 05 34 07 – Open every day from 11am to 11pm.

    Les Montagnards, 58 rue jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris – 01 40 26 68 75 – From Monday to Saturday, 7:30pm – 11pm