• 18 Jan

    Paris, the home of Patisserie...

    Paris – the very name conjurs up images of ancient cobbled streets featuring windows of old traditional patisseries stocked full of delicious pastries and cakes.

    When visiting the French capital you would be missing a trick not to pop in and sample some of the delights of these legendary establishments that have been ruining many a woman’s figure for decades.

    Pierre Hermé, for instance, has been creating oohs and aahs through his delectable dainties since most Parisians can remember. Renowned for his exquisite and colourful maccarons, the boutique also offers a huge variety of pastries, cookies and chocolates amongst other edibles.

    Sadaharu Aoki in Paris’ 5th arrondissement offers a different sweet-toothed experience entirely. The eponymous owner trained as a pastry chef in both France and Japan and his creations give evidence to this fact – black sesame éclair and acidulated yuzu tartlet to name two. Yum!

    La Bague de Kenza gives 11th arrondissement Parisians a taste of Algeria with pastries flavoured with rosewater, honey or orange blossom and filled with dates, nuts and figs. Just grab a pick and mix of pastries and wash them down with typically Maghrebian mint tea for a sumptuous sweet treat which won’t break the bank.

    Whilst sampling the delights of Paris’ best patisseries, sweeten your visit further with a stay in the 4 star comfort of the Hotel Elysees Regencia.

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