• 14 Feb

    Paris, luxury. Discover Louis Vuitton as you've never seen the brand before...

    Paris - city of luxury and lights, city of dreams, city of history…

    The Carnavalet Museum, one of the most Parisian museums, welcomes Louis Vuitton, one of the most Parisian brands. Discover more than 160 years of history of this prestigious label, which embodies the art of travelling “à la Parisienne”.

    The name Louis Vuitton arouses dreams of luxury, travels and romantic adventure. Through an incredible exhibition of historical suitcases and trunks, discover the history and evolution of the visionary family craftsmen Vuitton.

    Experience the evolution of the techniques and quality, and the constant creativity of the most famous luggage brand in the World. The exhibition will take you back in time where you will learn how Vuitton became a legend.

    The museum itself is a delight, as you stroll in the two Parisian "Hôtel Particuliers" reunited in one cultural structure. The Carnavalet Hotel and Le Peletier de Saint Fargeau Hotel were both built during the 16th century. The Carnavalet Hotel accommodated Madame de Sévigné, the famous French writer.

    Louis Vuitton has, for more than 160 years, combined strong tradition, luxury and high quality craftsmanship. It is a French success story. Do not miss this unique opportunity to intimately learn about this iconic brand. Rendezvous at the Carnavalet Museum, until February the 27th.

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    Musée Carnavalet

    23 rue de Sévigné

    75003 Paris

    Subway Saint-Paul (line 1)