• 20 Sep

    Paris Is Revealed Through the Lens of Hollywood

    Paris is seen by people all over the world as being a shining and glamorous city, and this image has been reflected in numerous Hollywood films. Now, at the Hotel de Ville,visitors can see a free exhibit showing the best Hollywood depictions of the City of Light.

    Whether Hollywood's vision of Paris is real or imagined, it is nonetheless a magical way to discover the city during a visit. The exhibit includes film clips, posters, photographs, scenery and costumes from some of the most well-known films with a Parisian connection. Since the beginning of Hollywood filmmaking, more than 800 films have been made featuring Paris.

    It is truly interesting to compare the real Paris to the imagined Hollywood version of Paris, as these are often not at all the same thing. One famous example of this is Ernst Lubitsch, who made roughly 10 films taking place in Paris even though he never filmed a single shot in the city. Instead, his Paris -- and the Paris of many other movie directors -- was built on Hollywood sound stages.

    This unique exhibit is divided into four parts: Paris in silent film, sophisticated and romantic Paris, crazy and lively Paris, and the real Paris on film. Every part shows the ways in which the histories and development of Paris and Hollywood have been intertwined for the past 100 years.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs Elysees can discover this exciting exhibition, entitled 'Paris vu par Hollywood' ('Paris Seen by Hollywood') at the Hotel de Ville from September 18 until December 15, 2012. There is no better place for this exhibit than the Hotel de Ville, which is actually the city hall. However, this is no ordinary city hall. Built in 1873, the Hotel de Ville is a famous monument whose beauty attracts many visitors all year long.