• 07 Sep

    Magical Unicorns at Musee de Cluny Paris

    The Lady and the Unicorn is one of the most famous tapestries to come out of France. This extraordinary piece of work actually comprises or 6 pieces that tell a beautiful story. Artists from all disciplines have been inspired by this piece in some way – from Le Corbusier to Cocteau. The unicorn is one of the stars of this piece of work and with good reason. It shows that even though modern representations of the creatures' form have changed, the symbolism stays true to ideals of an innocent, pure white animal. 

    The Magical Unicorns exhibition at Musee de Cluny provides a chance to see this historic piece up close, along with a series of other works. The show celebrates the unicorn and its role in these ancient works, cementing its place in culture.

    The show runs through the winter until the end of February. Don’t miss out on this unusual combination of art, history, and culture.