• 20 Apr

    " Les cahiers Déssinés " the guest of honor at The Halle Saint-Pierre

    Les Cahiers Dessinés, the publishing house founded by Frédéric Pajak, is honored at the Halle Saint-Pierre. Since 2002, this publishing house was devoted to publish books on drawing, in its different forms, in every country and every age: painters, writers or filmmakers, humorous drawings, travel... emphasizing thus an art often considered as minor.

    Up to the 14th of August 2015, The Halle Saint-Pierre will be hosting an exhibition honoring " Les Caheirs Dessinés ", putting together more than 500 drawings of different styles and eras.

    This exhibition brings together for the first time at the Halle Saint-Pierre artists' drawings and humorous drawings, paying tribute to this form of art so intense and expressive.

    For the first time in Paris, the "mix of genres" is made possible. Strange links are forged between works explaining how drawing, long regarded as the poor form of painting, is an essential language, able to reveal our most common feelings, like most unspoken. We spend most expressive portraits on the almost abstract figure, the abundant allegory to the sketch of an attitude, the most funny or witty as causing the sweetest dream, each time with little tools that call this art: a pencil, a pen, a pencil, ink, color, paper.

    It is with this spirit that the Halle Saint Pierre and Les Cahiers Dessinés had joined forces to organize an exhibition celebrating the drawing as the fulfillment of a human adventure in itself. Classic designs, raw art or humor designs are here as many singular graphic proposals that may seduce us, amaze us or even bother us.

    Do not miss the opportunity to assist this vibrant exhibition if you’re staying at Sisters Hotels, you will be at a 15 minute ride from the Halle Saint-Pierre. 

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