• 07 Feb

    Learn the Art of Gardening During Your Spring Visit to Paris

    Paris is filled with several beautiful gardens, so it is the perfect destination for gardening enthusiasts. And now, from May 30 until June 2, 2013, the Grand Palais will be hosting an event that will delight garden fans even more. This event is called 'L'Art du Jardin.'

    'L'Art du Jardin' — an annual expo bringing together gardeners, artisans and designers — first debuted in 1993 and returned every year for 10 years. However, the expo finished its run after 10 years, with the last 'L'Art du Jardin' event occurring in 2003. At the time, the expo took place in Saint-Cloud or Longchamp, areas on the outskirts of Paris. This year, organizers are launching a comeback, and the event will take place right in the middle of Paris.

    With its location in the Grand Palais, 'L'Art du Jardin' will benefit from a touch of elegance and beauty provided by the impressive Parisian monument. Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs-Elysées can enjoy strolling over to the Grand Palais to visit 'L'Art du Jardin' during their stay.

    Aude de Thuin, who created the concept for 'L'Art du Jardin' in 1993, has described this event as an extraordinary challenge. Through her efforts, 'L'Art du Jardin' became an event the likes of which had never been seen before — one that revealed the wonders of the plant and garden world to the public at large.

    This green utopia presents perfect specimens from a variety of French regions and cultures. As a result, visitors to France can have the chance to discover this country through its plants, flowers and vegetables during the inviting spring months of May and June.