• 02 Apr

    “ Le Marathon de Paris ”, the annual gathering of “volunteer athletes "

    April, 12th 2015 is going to be a memorable day for many of us, as it will be witnessing the Paris Marathon down the Champs Elysées, in the presence of 54 000 participants. The personal challenge will be combined with a tour of the city taking athletes around the most prestigious places in Paris: from the “ Arc de Triomphe ”, the participants will be running down the " Champs Elysées  towards " Concorde ".

    The “ Rue de Rivoli ” will then lead to the “ Place de la Bastille ”, and then to the “ Bois de Vincennes ”, where the difficulty of the return distance will be softened by the outlook on the “ Notre Dame Cathedral ” and the “ Eiffel Tower ”.

    The Paris Marathon is a unique opportunity to capture the city, with the presence of a considerable number of runners, and thousands of supporters gathering around. Each year, this sequence is considerably attracting more tourist-athletes.

    Do not miss this spectacular event, it’s a walking distance from Sister Hotels, and as it will be taking place on Sunday, it will be great to experience such an amazing event to make your Paris vacation more exciting. Save the date, the Marathon de Paris will be taking place Sunday, 12th April.