• 30 Jan

    L'Atelier Renault

    While staying at the Sister Hotel, you might consider to add L'Atelier Renault to your "To Do List" which is located in the Champs Elysées avenue (near Haagen Dazs).

    In 1910 the founder of Renault, Louis Renault, acquired an open space in the Champs Élysées to serve as an exhibition and commercial site. Years later, in 1962, the site was entirely rebuilt and a friendly pub was opened ; featuring a retaurant, a bar and all surrounded by iconic Renault's cars. Since then, the site became the communication bridge between the brand and its audience. Today the place is known as l’Atelier Renault ; Downstairs there is the famous tradeshow and a boutique, while upstairs you will find  the bar and restaurant.

    The place attracts thousands of visitors daily ranging from car enthousiasts and Renault lovers to ordinary people who are just looking for a nice view on the busy Champs Elysees. Service at L'Atelier Renault is warm and friendly plus prices are reasonable.

    Menus :

    - Lunch and dinner (starters, main course and dessert) Monday to Friday : € 32.00
    - Lunch and dinner (starters, main course and dessert) served daily : € 30.00
    - A la carte : € 30.00

    You might want to know that kids food is also served, but there is no large choice.

    The place is definitely worth a visit thanks to its lovely atmosphere, friendly staff and the automobile history surrounding it ! You can enjoy lunch while watching old and new Renault cars or the busy Champs Élysées.

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