• 25 Oct

    Introducing France's Largest Ice Skating Rink Ever

    Those who decide to visit Paris during the winter are in for a treat. The City of Light becomes even more breathtaking when there is a chill in the air and glittering Christmas lights decorate the streets and the shops. If they are lucky, visitors might even get a chance to see a few snowflakes while sipping on glasses of warm and spicy vin chaud (the French mulled wine that is ubiquitous during the holiday season), or perhaps a creamy mug of hot chocolate.

    For many, the Christmas season is the time for winter outdoor activities that cannot be done during the warmer months. This, of course, includes skiing, tobogganing and ice skating. It is this last activity that will be honored by the Grand Palais, which has organized a large event that will provide a giant ice skating rink for all to enjoy.

    Normally, the Grand Palais is an exclusive, sophisticated hall reserved for elite art exhibits and prestigious events. However, from December 13, 2012 until January 6, 2013, the Grand Palais will serve as the host of a magical ice rink.

    This is the first time in the long, 112-year history of the Grand Palais that it is has ever been turned into an ice rink. Therefore, visitors staying at one of the Sister Hôtels Champs-Elysées should not miss their chance to experience this groundbreaking event. Indeed, the Grand Palais will be hosting the biggest ice skating rink ever to be created in France.

    Under the unique glass-plated ceiling, which is one of the most beautiful features of the Grand Palais, skaters will be able to glide around this impressively-sized rink in an atmosphere unlike any other.