• 28 Mar

    Dynamo: an Exciting Art Exhibit at the Grand Palais

    The Grand Palais, a beautiful landmark in the center of Paris, will be presenting an exhibition called 'Dynamo' from April 10 until July 22, 2013. The exhibition will pay tribute to light and movement in visual art and film by displaying the works of roughly 150 artists.

    Over 100 years of art will be represented at 'Dynamo,' which takes place in the Galeries Nationales of the Grand Palais, a space of about 3,600 meters squared. The works will explore the role of vision, space and movement in art across various themes. The exhibition will be organized chronologically, enabling visitors to understand the evolution of art both by theme and throughout time.

    'Dynamo' is divided into two parts — one dedicated to vision and another dedicated to space — and both will explore the concepts of immersion, dispersion, emptiness and permutation. Guests staying at one of the Sister Hôtels Champs-Elysées can easily enjoy this exhibit, as it is taking place quite close to their hotel.

    The exhibition will reveal the impressive universe of artists such as Julio le Parc, Tony Conrad and Marcel Duchamp, just to name a few. In addition to the exhibit itself, there will be numerous cultural activities to celebrate this collection of innovative art. For example, culinary activities, artist encounters and film nights will all be happening throughout the time that 'Dynamo' is running. There will also be guided visits for those who want to learn more about the works displayed.

    With such a variety of events and activities, the Grand Palais will be a must-see stop this spring and summer for all visitors in Paris.