• 16 Aug

    Dance Meets Photography in a Surreal Exhibition

    The interaction between different forms of art has always been an important theme for photographers. Now, the photographer Jérémie Nassif is taking this interaction to a new level with his depictions of dancers, which he renders using photographs, charcoal, ink and other mediums.

    The work of this innovative artist is currently being presented at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (The European House of Photography). This gallery is known for presenting contemporary photographers who are currently influencing the modern photography scene, and Jérémie Nassif is one such photographer.

    Nassif developed his multimedia style after being formally trained in painting. As such, his photographs have a very paint-like quality to them. However, Nassif's work is more about emotion than it is about technique, and he has a magical way of capturing emotion with his art. The images that he captures reveal the human body in a raw, emotional form.

    It is therefore appropriate that his chosen subjects are dancers. Dancing is considered by many to be the body's way of expressing pure emotion, and Nassif is able to transform the emotion of each dancer to the spectator.

    These works are black and white, without any color to distract from the intensity of expression. Moreover, Nassif manipulates the images — sometimes blurring certain parts, sometimes superimposing one image on top of another — in order to put an emphasis of the soulful movements of his subjects.

    Guests staying at the Hotel Regencia will have the chance to see Nassif's powerful exhibition until August 26, 2012 at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie.