• 11 Oct

    Contemporary Art and the Louvre Collide

    Many people know the Louvre as a museum that houses some of the most well-known artistic works dating back from prehistoric times up until the 19th century. What they do not realize is that the museum actively supports contemporary artists as well, especially in the context of linking grand masterpieces of the past to the present.

    This is the goal of a new exhibition, entitled 'Remanence,' that is being presented until December 31, 2012. The exhibition consists of the works of Jean-Baptiste Huynh, who drew inspiration from several pieces displayed at the Louvre in order to create a whole different kind of artistic expression in the form of large photographs.

    Huynh's very large format photographs measure 180 centimeters by 180 centimeters, allowing the artist to present precise images consisting of deliberately placed lighting, shadows and contours. To further highlight the feeling of precision, Huynh uses a black backdrop in all of his photos. This allows the spectator to fully concentrate on the image at hand without influence from any other elements.

    Guests staying at one of the Sister Hotels Champs Elysées have the opportunity to experience this unique exhibition during their visit to Paris. Ancient portraits, Greek statues and even the Earth itself can be appreciated in new ways thanks to the vision of Jean-Baptiste Huynh. With this exhibition being displayed at the Louvre, visitors can reflect on the similarities and differences between classical art, contemporary art and photography. In a city where these art forms are often kept strictly separated, 'Remanence' ties these themes together, creating a mesmerizing world that is hard to forget.