• 31 May

    Artistic Dining on Display near the Arc de Triomphe

    Museums put on display some of the highest achievements that a society has to contribute. This is why museums are such popular destinations no matter where you travel. Museums bring to mind ideas of refinement, accomplishment and culture, and many people will admit that there is something pleasant about wandering around in a museum all day. Now, there is a restaurant in Paris that is allowing patrons to experience a museum atmosphere while they are eating, and it is just a few steps away from the Hotel Regencia.

    At a restaurant called Citrus Etoile, the emphasis is on beauty, and the dining room takes on the appearance of a wide open art gallery, with works of art affixed on the walls. This decor is accented with splashes of color — shades of orange — that pop up all around the restaurant, enlivening the ambiance.

    Apart from the impressive decor, Citrus Etoile also has a delicious culinary offering developed by chef Gilles Epie, who spent years working as a chef in California. This American adventure has enabled Mr. Epie to infuse his dishes with a sense of buoyancy and freshness while still keeping the savory flavors that France is known for. Notably on the menu are dishes like a foie gras beignet caramelized with porto and grilled turbot with fresh mushrooms and potato pancakes. The desserts include lime soufflé and strawberry tartare.

    The best thing about Citrus Etoile is its emphasis on fresh, local ingredients, so diners can be assured that they are tasting the best products that France has to offer. However, the prices do reflect this fact, so making a trip over to Citrus Etoile is possible only if you have a little room to splurge on an expensive meal (around €40 to €100 per person, depending on if it is for lunch or dinner).