• 04 Apr

    An Invitation to Tim Burton's Wacky World

    The Cinémathèque française is currently paying tribute to famed filmmaker Tim Burton, known for bringing wildly bizarre imagery and unique concepts to the silver screen for almost three decades. From March 7 until August 5, 2012 Tim Burton: the Exhibition presents hundreds of drawings—as well as Polaroids, sculptures, storyboards and costumes—that reveal the entertainer's inner world. Visitors staying at the Hotel Regencia can discover a world that has long been haunted by toothy aliens, willowy fairies and other nightmarish creatures. The collection comes to Paris thanks to Serge Toubiana, director of the Cinémathèque française, who campaigned for the exhibit after seeing a similar presentation of Burton's work at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 2009. Although Burton had balked at bringing his exhibition to London, he was happy to expose his artwork in the "city of Méliès." The collection is the result of a careful selection of 700 pieces, out of over 10,000 that had been compulsively conserved by the director.

    Given his eccentric point of view, many may not realize that Burton grew up in Burbank, California, only a few miles away from that mecca of homogenized entertainment known as Hollywood. However, it seems that the banality of this environment only added fuel to the fire burning in the budding auteur's creative soul, and he spent much of his childhood developing the offbeat ideas that he would later bring to life in front of the camera.

    The collection offers many things to get excited about, such as an extremely rare short film directed by Burton at the age of 16. Film buffs can also see drawings from the big budget but ultimately abandoned Superman project that Burton was set to helm in the mid-90s. Stepping through the corridors of the exhibition, one is transported to the Gothic, expressionistic world of an atypical artist. Tim Burton: the Exhibition provides curious visitors with an understanding of just how prolific and versatile Tim Burton, the Artist, has really been.