• 02 Mar

    An African and a Mont-Blanc at Angelina's...

    Only two weeks of Winter left, but the weather is still grim. Feel like upping your caloric intake? In Paris, there are genuine institutions designed to satisfy your sugar cravings.

    One such institution is Angelina, along the fence of the Tuileries royal gardens, around the block from your Hotel Regencia (well, almost, but you do want to walk off those calories, don't you?). Angelina was founded back in 1903 by Austrian confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer who named it after his daughter-in-law. Many legendary 20th century Parisians became regulars. Marcel Proust or Coco Chanel used to drop in for breakfast.

    A hundred and some years later, Angelina retains its turn-of-the-century atmosphere with its plaster bas-relieves covered in gold leaf and its impeccable waiters. Upon entry, the pastry display is enough to make your mouth water, but do not rush… Angelina’s real gem is its old-style hot chocolate, “L’Africain”.

    One order serves two cups of a thick, velvety beverage – a deep dark chocolate taste with fleeting dashes of vanilla. Full of cream and whole milk, l’Africain fills your stomach up like three Christmas dinners; alas, a proper Angelina visit must include the legendary Mont-Blanc – a fat ball of whipped cream, meringue and chestnut curd. Needless to say, one may suffice for two.

    You have now been warned. Angelina is a delicious Parisian must-do, but brace yourself for the line and… get hungry before you go!