• 26 Jan

    A French stand up comedian? Making you laugh in English ?!

    He’s the only one in Paris… probably the only one in France… Olivier Giraud (notice the very French name of the guy) is indeed the unique French stand up comedian aiming to make English speaking people laugh!

    This is a challenge that Mister Giraud rises to five times a week and wins! in his den, the Théatre de la Main d’Or, in Paris. This pure Parisian showman will help any British, American or Australian citizen to answer the very question: “How to Become Parisian in One Hour”!

    His show, held in English - easy enough to be understood by his fellow French citizens too – is nothing less than a user’s guide to transform yourself into a perfect Parisian. Through a hilarious to do list of things to do to turn yourself into a person living in the French capital city, Monsieur Giraud will brush almost all the subjects that nourish the stereotypes and make people laugh… or create discomfort amongst the French audience…

    So look around when you’re visiting the City of Lights… You think Parisians are impolite and arrogant, you see them bumping into you without saying “sorry” or rushing everywhere without paying attention to you? You are RIGHT! But if you can’t beat them, join them!

    Enjoy a show that talks about what life in Paris is like, breaks conventional rules, and that mocks the French attitude as people perceive it from abroad – all with maximum hilarity!

    Don’t miss it!

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